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Tuesday 12th October 2010 - Alice Wrapped; Grange Almost

Thank you MC, who has emailed with the end of Alice Mary Langford's story. Alice was related to the Wallis family and lived in The Round House for 20 years from 1897 - 1917. Until now I had been unable to finish her story. I had no idea where and when she died since she was not in the Chitterne Burial Register. So this email was very welcome and has enabled lazy me to take off the "more research needed" sentence from the page on Alice on the Round House history site

Work is progressing on the wall of the Grange which fell down last winter. It must be quite a job tieing in the new to the old given the shape of the old bits - not quite vertical. But the builders are making a fair fist of it and using reclaimed bricks too.

Comment: Nice to see that the bricklayers used the English Garden Wall bond pattern - 3 rows stretchers, 1 row headers etc. DR

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