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Saturday 23rd April 2011 - Dear Visitor

To the Chitterne-born cyclist who dropped by the Round House yesterday, and whose address I failed to get: Please contact me if you have email via the "Comments for publication" link at the top of this page as I would be interested to hear more of your reminiscences of the village.

Above is the photograph I mentioned to you yesterday. Do you recognise the Chitterne footballer on the extreme left of the front row? I have been told than he has the same surname as yourself, but I don't know his first name.

The others are, back left to right: Bill Bartlett; Owen Polden; Harry Sheppard; Evelyn Feltham; Lewis Feltham. Middle: Alban Polden; Don Wallis; Stan Herrington. Front row: -----; George Bailey; Geoffrey Feltham; Bill Spratt; Stan Feltham.

Wednesday 20th April 2011 - Last Milk Bottles?

Are these the last pint glass milk bottles that will arrive on my step? I ask because this morning's delivery of milk came in litre plastic bottles. Not just the substitute plastic bottle we sometimes get left because the milkman's run out of glass pint bottles, no, these had Pensworth printed on the label. Pensworth being the new owners of the Warminster Dairy where our milk comes from.

Is this the end of an era? Returnable glass milk bottles are a very satisfactory way of recycling to my mind so it will be a shame if they are going to be replaced. But what of the pints and litres question? One litre does not equate to two pints, so I now have three and a half pints in the fridge instead of the usual four. Will the price charged drop in proportion? I wait with baited breath to see what arrives on Friday. Glass or plastic? Same amount on the bill or less?

Friday morning: Glass bottles on the doorstep. No bill.

Sunday 10th April 2011 - Kneeler 8

My kneeler has come back from the upholsterer well-stuffed, ready to cushion countless pairs of knees, so I am well-chuffed. Stitching output has slowed in the mini-heatwave with so much else to do outside in the garden. It felt more like August than April today, but this is England after all so I don't expect it to last.

Comment: We’ve just been looking at the blog and your magnificent kneeler (praise from R, there). She says she only does cross-stitch and is no good at the sort of thing you are doing – probably her sister V does that, as she seems to do everything from stump work to gold work. Do not ask me to explain what all that entails, as being a mere male, I haven’t a clue! So I have to look at your kneeler and say “well done, Sue!” from a position of some ignorance – looks great, though! J & RR

Comment: Nora would be gratified gg

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