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Monday 23rd January 2012 - Kneeler 17

Last Friday was one of those extraordinary days when everything went right. I took my third kneeler to Kneeler Group as requested and it went down well, but not as a kneeler. I was nonplussed for a while, because it was a kneeler to me. Then someone suggested it should hang on the wall instead, and off we went to the church with it, to see where it could go. By then I could see what they meant. It's different to all AM's other designs so now it's "not-a-kneeler", I'm turning it into a ... what? Any ideas for a name?

Next, my second kneeler came back from the upholsterer. When the sun came out I managed to get a photo of it that shows the effect of stitching the chequer pattern in different directions.

Back home after Kneeler Group I opened some mail and discovered that Barclays wanted to give me some graduated pension money from when I finished working for them in 1972, 40 years ago! Only a small amount, but a nice surprise nevetheless and it might just buy a meal out for me and D.

Thursday 19th January 2012 - New Additions

The thumbnail of Chitterne I wrote is now online click here to read it. MM at the History Centre has pruned the bit on the churches as they get written up in more detail separately, but otherwise it is as written. I've been asked to write the three churches and two chapels up but I've told them I can't do it until later this year as I must concentrate on the Kneeler Project book now.

In order to accommodate another piece of writing about the two old Chitterne churches on the Chitterne history pages I've changed the name of a page from "Chitterne People" to "People & Places". The piece I wanted to add was written by JG almost 20 years ago, which I came across when searching for something else, as you do, and I thought it should be online. I contacted JG, who lives in Hungary, to ask permission, she agreed and revised it a little to take account of the passage of time. It's an interesting account of her research into what happened to the two churches and can be seen here These are the plans of old Chitterne All Saints Church JG was shown at the Record Office.

Comment: Very good Chitterne thumbnail! I'm impressed by the Wiltshire county history site in general. Needs some of the photos adding though :) Small note on the text, there's one sentence near the end that says "mains water arrived in Chitterne 40 years ago", it should probably name the year (or approximate year) so that it doesn't need to be regularly updated.. Also congrats on the Kneeler Project book! Lots of pictures I hope? JR

Saturday 14th January 2012 - Kneeler 16

Being confined to the house with a cough and cold has moved my kneeler on a bit. I've finished the central design in the two gold colours and last night started filling in some of the blue background to the outer border. The effect reminded me of the graphics on old-fashioned fairground rides. I intend to stitch the background of the central part in dark red.

I think I've finished the thumbnail of Chitterne I was asked to write for the Wiltshire Council communities pages. Just need to pluck up the courage to send it off!

Comment: I have just looked at your blog and your kneeler looks fabulous. Well done. Please bring it on Friday. AM

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