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Thursday 31st May 2012 - Celebrations

In 1953 the village celebrated the Queen's coronation with races on the sportsfield and a grand lunch at the Village 'Hall'(an old first World War army stores hut).

For the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 we had Fancy Dress Football, races and a barbecue.

We had a min-celebration today. Not-a-kneeler came back from the framers; they have done a magnificent job. (The mount is not really orange, it's gold. I blame the photographer!)

Sunday 13th May 2012 - W S Cleverley

William Samuel & Elizabeth Cleverley outside Manor Farmhouse c1885

Where has the last month gone? I've been too busy to write a blog, but there are some things to report. Thanks to the great great grandson of William Samuel Cleverley I was able to add a new article to the People & Places page of Chitterne History. You can read it : here

This new article ties in very well with the article added to the same page earlier this year about the 1885 Election Riots, because WS Cleverley was one of the farmers attacked by the rioters.

What else, oh yes I've replaced the main photo of the Village Hall on the hall page with a more up-to-date one.

On the subject of halls, I have been able to glean more information about the old hall from a collection of village newsletters dating from 1969 donated to the Village Hall committee by F & KB. Sadly they have recently left the village after spending the last 57 years here. We are hoping to make a resource for those interested in our past village history by assembling the old newsletters in date order in some binders and storing them in the hall.

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