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Monday 26th November 2012 - Kneelers Book Here!

The first consignment of books came today only 6 days since I ordered them! I am mightily impressed with the quality of the printing, it's superb, well done Blurb. So, have you ordered your copy? Are you in it? Ordering details in December Chit Chat.

Comment: Nice looking book! Can I order it from blurb? (I couldn't see how/where to look up books there) JAR

No, you can order if from Chitterne Parochial Church Council c/o Manor Farmhouse, Chitterne, BA12 0LG tel: 01985 850893. Price is £19.95, cheques payable to Chitterne PCC. S

Comment: We’ve had a quick look and it looks great! R is glad that you’ve put the patterns in as she might (only might, mind!) try and do a cross-stitch out of them.
P.S. R says absentmindedly, while poring over the new book “What happened to the kneeler that wasn’t a kneeler?” (Does that make any sort of sense?) JIR

Perfect sense! Tell R to look on page 15, at the bottom, and all will become clear. See photo right. S

Tuesday 20th November 2012 - Chitterne Kneelers Book

Hurrah! The book is finished and copies have been ordered. I used, a print-on-demand company, to make the book. It was a steep learning curve but I eventually got the hang of building a book using their online software. Now I'm just hoping it turns out OK.

Thursday 15th November 2012 - Australian Surprise

Where have I been? Good question! Ensconced at my computer putting together "Chitterne Kneelers" the book version. It's almost ready to be sent off for printing but I thought you might be wondering why no blog, so here's something to be going on with. Thanks to H & W, eagle-eyed as ever, we have a cutting dated 9 April 1920 from the Daily News of Perth, Western Australia. We are mentioned! Just how far has Chitterne's fame spread?

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