Chitterne - a Wiltshire Village by Sue Robinson

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“I read it from cover to cover and I shall never look at Chitterne in the same light again. Well done.”

"I am very impressed it is beautiful and yet reads so intimately. Thousand praises."

"I'm so impressed Sue. It's a really nice publication and you have presented it beautifully. I haven't had time to read it yet, just the introduction which hit exactly the right note. A huge: ' WELL DONE'. I know how precious books about local areas are to those who live in them, and maybe even more to the ones who have had to leave - it's a great thing you have done!! What an achievement."

"You have written a truly memorable history of Chitterne and it has brought back many happy memories of my childhood in the village. I can clearly recall many of the people you mention.
I like so many aspects of your book: including the chapter headings you have chosen and the general structure of the book, I like the way you have covered the whole social spectrum and most important of all I like your style - the book reads like a warm and friendly conversation with a friend.
Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work."

"I am half way through and enjoying it - wish I'd had it whilst pram pushing through the village last year. Now I know why Back Lane exists, always thought it was odd to have two roads."

"I have read it through and taken it all in and I’ve found out things I never knew before. What I want to know is, how did you find out all this?"

"I like it very much. I like it better than the Codford book."

"My son obtained a copy of your excellent book for me for Christmas and I have read it twice. You covered a lot of ground and I found it interesting to read, not only as someone having a direct interest in the subject and content but also as general interest book about a part of England's neglected local history. Congratulations on the great book."

"I enjoyed reading it very much indeed, it brought back a lot of old memories and I know my brother will also be pleased."

"Your book is a triumph."

"It is so much bigger and better than I imagined and you should be very proud of the end product."

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book, what hard work."

"I have been reading bits of it and it is very interesting - I like the way you have also made it personal as well."

"Paula & I have both thoroughly enjoyed every page. Thank you for doing such a great job with it."

"I was given your book on Chitterne for Christmas which was wonderful an extremely interesting book! I have passed it on to my very dear friends at Corton who are equally delighted with the book. The people and families mentioned have brought back fond memories and have reminded them of stories told to them by their mother (Lillian Gagen) I have been helping them with their family history and your book has been the icing on the cake! I myself am not a good reader, but your book has inspired me."

"Thank you very much for your very interesting book which I started over Christmas and have been reading since. Really enjoying it. You clever person. I had accessed your website before and was impressed. This book is a real achievement and legacy for Mandy. I have recommended it to my sister in law Katie, and she is going to go to the bookshop in Salisbury and demand it".

"We’re both very impressed by your book and Sue is by your writing style."

"I gave your book to Mike for Christmas, and he was looking at it most of the day. Later on I picked it up and when I got to the cricketers photo the man at the back looked very much like my father-in-law, and when I read underneath Fred "Bammer" Poolman we worked out that it was Mikes grandfather, so we were able to show the girls a picture of their great - grandfather. This is fantastic. We thought it was great and you also told us where Mike's Great grandparents lived, Mary and Mark, even though it has long since been pulled down, these things are really nice to know."

"I really enjoyed your book – and Vicki was thrilled that you’d remembered she won a prize as a wedding cake!"

"I couldn’t put the Babey’s copy of your book down so I thought I’d better buy my own."

"We enjoyed your book very much. It had lots of interesting little bits in it."

"I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book which I saw advertised in the Salisbury Journal.
I ordered it from a bookshop in Winchester and received it last Monday. It was so interesting that I read it twice in three days. My grandmother was born at Chitterne the youngest daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Smith…. I stayed at Chitterne for 4 weeks in 1940 and in later years have visited. Your book has brought back many memories."

"I have reviewed your book for WLHF (Wiltshire Local History Forum) and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It is a really good book. I won’t say more now as I have said it in the review. But well done, it is marvellous piece of work."

"I got your book this morning and am late getting up as I didn't want to stop reading it! You write beautifully, and I do not flatter, and you have a distinct,clear and fluid style. Your book is so beautifully presented that I'm sure there will be real enthusiasm for it. Meanwhile CONGRATULATIONS on a superb publication."

"I write to tell you that I have finished reading your book, “Chitterne, a Wiltshire Village”, and have enjoyed it immensely.
I would like to congratulate you on producing a first class history of the village and presenting it in such an interesting and fluent way.
Steve Hobbs has reviewed in the January Wiltshire Local History Forum and you richly deserve his tributes. And thank you, Sue, for hours of pleasure."

"I have been looking forward very much to reading your book and wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed the experience. It filled in many spaces for me and I can see that the connection with Imber was a lot closer than a daily visit from the postman! I was particularly interested to learn so much more about Frank Maidment, a man I have long admired for his enormous energy and compassion for those around him. To have ministered to the Baptist Chapel at Imber for so long and in addition to all his other responsibilities is very impressive.
Thank you for widening my experience of this part of the Plain Sue. Whenever I go through the village in future I shall be looking with fresh eyes at all the places you mention."

"My son purchased your book for me this Christmas which put flesh ‘so to speak’, on a lot of the people my father had talked about."

"I just wanted to say your book is magic. It is interesting to read the history behind different places in Chitterne."

"WOW! What an outstanding job you have done. I've only had time to glance over it, but will get into it more thoroughly very soon. I am proud to have a copy in my library."

"My father has given me your book, which I have just started reading. Well it was a walk back to the past,a pleasant one. I can't wait to read more."

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book which we picked up last month when holidaying in the UK. We had a small window of opportunity to visit Chitterne on our way from London to Devon and after a quick look around the village we called into the pub and bought a copy of your book – you certainly make the village come to life.
Thank you Sue for your explorations into not only the history of your home but a whole village as well."

"I have just finished reading your book "Chitterne - a Wiltshire Village", a very enjoyable experience."

"It was a gem to come across your website on Chitterne, very interesting and I have also been fortunate enough to thumb a copy of 'Chitterne a Wiltshire Village' which was a very worthy and informative read."

"Just a line to say how greatly I enjoyed Chitterne: a Wiltshire Village. It's a model of what a local history ought to be - entertaining, rich on detail and with a strong historical backbone. I pillaged it ruthlessly for a little political reminiscence I did for the Guardian, but when the article came out in last Saturday's review, I was very cross to see that they had cut the line referring to Chitterne's 'splendid local historian Sue Robinson'."

"Your book "Chitterne - A Wiltshire Village" is a truly wonderful book and a real pleasure to read. This is an extremely well researched and detailed history of your Village. All in all a very informative very powerful and evocative book. A great achievement indeed."