Books and Articles

Not published on the web:


A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of The Church of All Saints cum St Mary
a Tale of 40 Stitchers and 3 million Stitches
by Chitterne Kneeler Group

A text and photo book to record and mark the community project to make new individual and altar rail kneelers in time for the 150th anniversary of Chitterne Church 4th November 2012, which I edited, assembled, and published using November 2012.

Chitterne - a Wiltshire Village
A history of my village, published by Hobnob Press December 2007. Click link above for more details and how to order.

The History of Chitterne by John Thomas Canner October 2002
An edition of Rev. Canner's history notes, edited and published privately, for sale in aid of Chitterne Village Hall funds. Click on the link above for details.

A Walk Around Historic Chitterne 2003
A four-page A5 leaflet describing the attractions of the village with a map. This leaflet is available in Chitterne Church for a small donation to church funds.

Graveyard and Burial Guide 2004
An alphabetical list of Chitterne's dead buried in the two graveyards and listed on the War Memorial, with maps and a section for messages or comments. Some graves are listed from as early as 1700 and all graves since September 1900 are listed in detail. The guide is kept in the church for visitors' use; it includes two laminated maps of the graveyards showing the numbered graves, which visitors may borrow.

Mandy's Story
An account of my daughter Mandy's rocky ride through life as a congenital heart patient from 1979 to 2005, in diary format. It was originally written to keep her on-line friends informed of her progress during her frequent stays in hospital. Click the link above.

Published articles:

Glovemakers: The Jefferies and Reynolds Families June 2003
My mother's reminiscences of her life in the gloving trade from 1922 - 1973. An appendix to the millennium book "Warminster in the Twentieth Century" by Pauline White and Celia Lane. Dewey Museum, Warminster.

Percy Dean, Scout Motors, Hall & Son and the Local Connection September 2004
Examining the connection between local man Percy Dean and Wiltshire's only car manufacturer in the early 20th century. Published: Arrowhead the parish magazine of Chitterne, Orcheston, Shrewton & Tilshead.

The Grange Fire Mystery March 2005
An investigation of a mysterious fire in Chitterne depicted in a painting by W.W.Wheatley in 1852. Published: Arrowhead April 2005.

Frank Maidment 1860 - 1952 June 2006
The life of a remarkable Chitterne man. Written after studying a family archive loaned by his grandson. Published: Arrowhead September 2006.

Charlie Maidment's Wedding June 2006
Another investigation into the venue of a wedding depicted in a photograph of 1909 sent in by a reader of Arrowhead. Published: Arrowhead August 2006.

Tobacco Road January 2007
Full text of a report of a visit by a descendant to the site of his ancestor's 17th century clay diggings near Chitterne. Edited version published: Chit Chat February 2007.

Contributed to Chit-Chat November 2006 to October 2009
Regular Contributions to the monthly village newsletter. A look at an old photograph of Chitterne with narrative. Click the link to read Chit Chat online.

Thumbnail of Chitterne (scroll down the page) 2011

A short history of Chitterne for the Wiltshire Council Community web pages.

Unpublished articles:

Those Were The Days March 2007
The life and times of Graham and Linda Dean, formerly of Chitterne. Retired proprietors of Bridge Garage and Bridge Cottage B&B 1956 - 2000. Unpublished.

Diary of a Voyage to Australia 1883-84

18 year old Edward R. Wilkes' voyage to Australia aboard the sailing ship Peterborough as recorded by himself. Transcribed 2007.

Village Hall Committee Commission

Preparation of ten old Chitterne photographs with captions for the Village Hall. 2009.

The Herm Chitterne Connection July 2012

Comparing Herm Island with Chitterne after a holiday there in June 2012.

Odd Thoughts and Bees