The History of The Round House - Chitterne


I am indebted to Pauline White for her enthusiasm, encouragement and fast search skills, and through Pauline, to Mr Tighe at Mere for help with the Morrises and to Steve Hobbs for suggestions. To John Chandler for help with the Amesbury Turnpike and the Morris brothers, and with Dorothy Treasure, Christine Tomkowicz and John D'Arcy, for attempting to unravel the mysteries of the house under the eye of the camera. Also to the staff at the Dewey Museum, Warminster and at the Record Office, Trowbridge.

Help via the internet is a new and welcome departure. So thank you Max Newman of Texas, USA for your invaluable help with Alice Langford's poignant story.

Last, but not least, I could not have made this website happen without the help and expertise of my late daughter Mandy, the first little webmaster.
Thank you all.