The History of The Round House - Chitterne

Building the Carport and Arch

The perimeter wall around the western side of the Round House grounds was still an eyesore in early 1982. Back in 1976 we had repaired a large crack in the old wall, caused by an ash tree growing on the inside, by removing the tree and winching the wall slowly back into place, but had left the old entrance gateway till another time.

the wall with the crack repaired (behind the 30 limit) outside......and inside where we lowered the ground level too

It was a wide gateway, wide enough for a horse and carriage to pass through, as they probably did in days gone by. But now it was narrowed to a single person doorway by several old sheets of corrugated tin we had recycled from the former tin shed on the site. In 1982 Dave had a plan to build a carport for his newly acquired Triumph Spitfire and tidy up the gateway at the same time.

the corner of the carport is taking shape, the tin and old pillars have gone and a new doorway is positioned

the last bit of the old wall nearest the stable has to go and there are plenty of willing hands around to help

Dave's car in its new home........made to measure......but thank goodness for its small turning circle!

Inspiration for the design of the new entrance to the carport came after we had been on holiday in Jersey that Spring. Where Dave had spotted some archways that were lower and flatter than the usual semi-circular shape, and in particular had "L" shaped stones at the base of the arch, resting on the side pillars.

formwork was made to fit the pillars and hold the blocks; the blocks were cast one by one on the garage floor

saving weight with celcon block centres.....the first "stones" in place...............and.............. the whole arch

the new door in the wall; the finished appearance inside; the carport roof supports; cast blocks on top of the wall

the finished result in 1983...notice the absence of the horse chestnut tree...but that's another story