The History of The Round House - Chitterne


Benifice: An enclosed Church office yielding an income to its holder.
Chattel: An item of moveable personal property, such as furniture, domestic animals, etc.
Cut: Name given by the locals to the winterbourne that flows through the village.
Heriot: A death duty paid by villeins and free tenants to their Lord, often consisting of the dead man's best beast or chattel.
Manor: The Manor House of a lord and the lands attached to it.
Patera: A round flat ornament in bas-relief in freizes etc.-often applied loosely to rosettes and other flat ornaments (archit.)
Pin Money: An allowance by a husband to his wife for personal expenditure.
Priory: A religious house governed by a prior, sometimes being subordinate to an abbey.
Tithe: A tenth part of agricultural produce, personal income or profits contributed as a tax for the support of the church or clergy.
Villein: Worker on a country estate
Winterbourne: A stream that runs dry in the summer.