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Tuesday 22nd February 2011 - Kneeler 7

I finished my first kneeler today at 3.45pm and now it's 7.15pm and I'm already feeling bereft. This needlepoint can really draw you in like a drug. What is it about filling rows and rows of little tiny holes with wool that is so satisfying? Notice I said "first" kneeler. I am intending to do another but I haven't decided whether to dedicate it to our late daughter Mandy or not. I probably will because although she was a devout atheist, she was a confirmed stitcher so she qualifies for a place of remembrance amongst the pews on that count. No such problem with my mother's dedication on the kneeler pictured, she was definitely C of E.

Comment: Well done on finishing the kneeler! Got the pattern for the next one yet? JR

Wednesday 16th February - Pub Auction

The King's Head, Chitterne is to be auctioned by Strakers on Thursday next week, the 24th February, at the Corn Exchange, Devizes. The auction includes many other properties and starts at 7pm. The King's Head is Lot 8 and the guide price is 125,000. There have been rumours that the pub was already sold but either these were false or the sale fell through.

Other news: water is flowing in the Chitterne Brook half way to Codford, but not in Chitterne yet.

Tuesday 15th February 2011 - Finished Kneelers

I took this photo of the two finished kneelers yesterday at the regular Monday afternoon stitch-in at Manor Farmhouse. These were made by SO and SG; two different designs using the same colourways; one made by a stitcher with no experience and the other by one with a lot. SO has never attempted needlepoint before; SG has, eg the seat of the chair under the kneelers.

The broadcast mentioned below didn't come on air until 9.16am on Sunday so remember that if you listen on "Listen again" on the Radio Wiltshire website.

Saturday 12th February 2011 - Kneeler 6

Yesterday at our regular Friday stitch-in some of our Kneeler Group were interviewed by a reporter from BBC Radio Wiltshire for the part between 8am and 9am of their Sunday morning programme with Lee Stone, which airs between 7am and 10am. But if you like a lie-in you can hear the programme using the "listen again" link on the Radio Wiltshire website anytime during the following 7 days. Our reception isn't too good here in the village so it may be best for villagers to listen to the live broadcast using the iplayer facility, also on the website.

We had the best turnout yet for a Friday meet. 17 stitchers turned up to work on the two long kneelers set up in the hall and to enjoy a great soup lunch. In honour of the Radio Wiltshire reporter many partly stitched kneelers and the first two finished and upholstered kneelers were on display. Unfortunately no pictures yet as I forgot to take my camera with me, although I did remember my almost finished kneeler. Will mine be the third one to be finished? I am neck and neck with RG at the moment.

Another visitor was the library van man who was at last persuaded to come and see what we are doing on Fridays when he parks the mobile library ouside the hall. He was suitably impressed and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a flapjack. Visitors are always welcome to come and see what we are doing. There's always coffee or tea and flapjacks or biscuits to be had. We will be meeting every Friday throughout February and March from 10am to 3pm.

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