The History of The Round House - Chitterne

Felling the Horse Chestnut Tree

During late April 1982, after a fall of snow, several enormous branches of the chestnut tree came down and one landed less than a yard from the front porch of the Round House; at its widest part it was about a foot in diameter. Another hit the stable roof and the roof of our car. We consulted tree surgeons, an expensive option, and eventually came to a decision, we would fell the tree ourselves. It was the tallest horse chestnut tree in the village, much larger than the chestnut tree on the village green that had been planted to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897; so it was not an easy decision, but we were aware that the next branch to fall may land on the house itself and we did not want to put our young family at risk.

we were helped by our neighbour Pete Ash and his chain saw