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May - December 2014(8)
Bertha Spenser
Hitchcocks of All Saints
All Saints Graveyard
Researching WW2 Schoolchildren
Researching Concrete Houses in Chitterne
Testing the Sportsfield with a Resistivity Monitor
Return of the Wyvern Dowsers
William Longespee and the Re-Issue of the Magna Carta

March 2014(4)
World War 1 Anniversary: Percy Pike
More on Percy Pike
Stonehenge Experience
Ronald Pike

February 2014(2)
Death of Two Johns: Harris and Strawson
Flood Matters

January 2014(2)
Flood 2014
Ernie George's Book: A Second World War Soldier

December 2013(1)
Danny Howell's Website

October 2013(3)
Henry Hull's Accidental Death
William and Ela Longespee Book
Australian Soldier Follow-Up

September 2013(2)
Australian Soldier and his Bidden Lane Friends
Townsend in WW1
William Worthington Topper

August 2013(1)
Harvesting by Ernie George

July 2013(2)
Flood of 1841

June 2013(1)
Haymaking by Ernie George

May 2013(3)
Dowsing at St Marys
Glebe House
Ela of Salisbury's English Descendant

April 2013(2)
George Family
Dillington Retreat

March 2013(4)
John Freestone 1796
Rook Shooting by Ernie George
Poolman Family

January 2013(3)
Ela of Salisbury's English Descendant
William Marshallsay's Grave Discovered
Chitterne's Triathlon

December 2012(2)
Elizabeth Titt's Death
Jack Smith's Death
Ernie George's Death
Marion Vivian Tait's Death

November 2012(3)
Kneelers Book
Chitterne Mentioned in Perth Australia

October 2012(2)
Dillington Retreat

September 2012(4)
Whitbread Family Reunion
Wildlife Rescue
Chitterne Mafia! 3 Men Transported

July 2012(3)
Lindsay Lucas New Editor of Chit Chat
Andy Cameron New Webmaster of
Dennis Wheatley Book Mentions Chitterne

June 2012(2)
Chitterne Versus Herm
Jubilee Celebrations

May 2012(2)
Jubilee Celebrations
William Samuel Cleverley

April 2012(1)

March 2012(3)
Glebe Farm Sale Poster

February 2012(2)
Loss of a Daughter
Birth of a Granddaughter

January 2012(3)
Chitterne Thumbnail for Council Website

December 2011(3)
Radical Farm Workers 1885
November 2011(3)
Glebe Farm Sale 1919
October 2011(4)
Returning Names
September 2011(2)
Jordan Family and Great Manor
Jordan Family Crest with Football
August 2011(4)
Village Pool and Pool Cottages
July 2011(3)
Baptism Roll
June 2011(3)
Great Manor
Wylye Valley Art Trail 2011
May 2011(3)
Monastery Myth Dispelled
Royal Wedding Party 2011
April 2011(3)
Football Team 1920-21
March 2011(3)
Chitterne School 1911
Old Photographs
King's Head
Church 150th Anniversary
February 2011(4)
King's Head Auction
January 2011(3)
Chitterne Walk Maps
Troops Training Signs
December 2010(2)
World War 1 Dead
November 2010 (6)
Snowy Weather
Arch Bridge Works 2010
October 2010 (1)
Alice Mary Langford
Grange Wall Collapse
September 2010 (2)
Edward Michell's Will
Compton Wills
King's Head For Sale 2010
August 2010 (4)
Wilton House
Old Photographs for Village Hall
Bees at 98 Chitterne
The Manor Sold at Auction
July 2010 (2)
Dangers of Do It Yourself
The Manor For Sale
June 2010 (3)
Ferdinand Mount in Chitterne
New Residents Open Monte Hospital for Cars
Chitterne House Painting
William and Ela Longespee Featured in New Book
May 2010 (3)
William Titt's Wild Oats
New Play Equipment for Sportsfield
April 2010 (4)
Ducks, Lambs and Pig Paradise
Ferdinand Mount Article
Elm Farm Toll Booth
March 2010 (5)
The Round House
Larkrise to Candleford Similarities
Found Family Connections
Thomas Morgan, Claydigger
Mary Tibbs' Burial
James Oram Search
Spring Lambs
Red House
Hunter's Yard
House in Back Lane Refused
February 2010 (4)
Directory Map of Village
James Oram Discovered
Spring At Last
Oram's Grave
January 2010 (7)
Cob Walls
Cut (Chitterne Brook) Water Levels
Wiltshire Air Ambulance
Mandy's Friend Dies
December 2009 (4)
Boxing Day Hunt 2009
Titt Family
Chitterne Brook Fills December 2009 King's Head Re-Opening 2009
November 2009 (5)
Warminster Web
Traffic Speed Protest
Bonfire and Fireworks 2009
Glebe Farm
Baptist Preachers
Farmstead Project
October 2009 (7)
Nash Family
Web Woes
Game Shooting
Traffic Speed Protest
Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre
Autumn Arrives 2009
Aga Oil Woes
September 2009 (6)
John Wallis Titt Page Stolen
Future Thoughts
Aga Oil Problems
Bosworth Battlefield
Rave at Quebec Farm
August 2009 (7)
Rave at Quebec Farm
Mary Ann Langford nee Wallis
Sue's Ingram Ancestors
James William Cary Newbury Coles
Hengistbury Head
John Wallis Titt Company Folds
Sue's Ingram Ancestors
Flower Family
Sue's Ingram Ancestors
July 2009 (4)
Two Villagers Wounded in Afghanistan
Sue's Daughter Co-Authors Computing Book
Holmes and Watson Appear
Gibbs Family
Travels in Suffolk
Michael's Wood Natural Burial Ground
Ferdinand Mount's Cold Cream
June 2009 (4)
Exhibition of Old Village Photos 2009
The Secret Life of Words by Henry Hitchings
Newbury Coles Family
May 2009 (4)
Coles Family Reunion
James William Cary Newbury Coles
Gardening at The Round House
True Friends
Flower Family
April 2009 (2)
Clump House Sold
Flower Family
Milbournes Court and Great Manor
King's Head Needs Landlord
Geoff Carter's Bench
Louisa Langford and the Cary Coles Family
March 2009 (5)
Pigs Paradise
Maintenance at The Round House
Sportsfield Wall Repaired
Michell Family, Milborne Family and Great Manor
Tracing the Owner of Some Old Photographs
Flower Family Wills
February 2009 (9)
The Timbury Family and the Flower Family
The Round House Garden
Michell family Graves
Charles Michell
Exhibition of Old Photographs
Clay Pits
Sink Hole at Clay Pit Hill
Jacob's Sheep at Chitterne
January 2009 (13)
Godiva by Nerys Jones
Medieval Glass in Chitterne
Feltham Family
Errata in Chitterne - A Wiltshire Village
Moles in The Round House Garden
Meaning of Pibs
Loveday Lower and Samuel Michell
King's Head for Let
Grange Wall Collapsed
First Aconites in Round House Garden
Blog Comments
Freezing Chitterne
King's Head Landlord Moves Out
December 2008 (11)
King's Head Closed
Royal Artillery Hunt
TV Licensing Authority Hounds Us
Quidhampton Mummers
Arthur Clifford Hawkes
Samuel Michell
Bow House Brewery
White Hart Inn
Feltham Family